WELCOME TO Aloevera Herbal Concepts" is a set of completely chemical free herbal products from Nutan Ayurvedic Research Center All products are made from extracts of Aloevera
Skin Gel
• Hair Cleaner
• Hair Gel
• Hair Richner
• Chyavan Prash
• Tooth Cleaner
• Balm
After Shave Gel
• Skin Care Soap
• Nutan Prabhat
• Nasya Tailam
• Growtone Energy   Powder
• Rose Water
• Fairness Cream
• Cleansing Milk
• Scrub Cream
• Cucumber Cream
• Sandal Face Pack
• Sandal Cream
• Ojus Care
• Jagdishwar Vati
• Pan Care
• Kamdev Cap
• Jivitprada Vati
• Vayu Care
• Vedantak Oil
Sanjeevani Liquid
• Aloe Power Juice
Noni Juice
Daya Care Cap.
Pilo Care Cap.
Joint Care Cap.
• Aller Care Cap.
• Skin Care Cap.
Tree Care Cap.
Hemo Care Cap.
Ashma Care Cap.
• Urjesh Care Cap.
• Stoma Care Cap.
Histo Care Cap.
Care Vati Cap.
Aloe Ext. Cap.
• Sheelajeet Ext. Cap.
• Vedanacare Cap.
Amor Cap.
Broncho Care Cap.
Indraluptahar Lep    Powder
Aloe Aqua Mineral
Skin care psorin    ointment
E-Razer (Masa    Remover Oint.)
  Aloevera Herbal Concept  
  This traditional Ayurvedic antioxidant rich jam is made in a base of amalaki fruit (Indian gooseberry/Amla), which is a very rich source of Vitamin C, and more than 2 dozen other ayurvedic harbs and spices.
  • It is an antioxidant, expectorant, immunity rejuvenator.
  • Ayurvedic rejuvenator, removes general debility and imparts strength to the body. Extremely effective in cough and cold.
  Usage : Adult 10 gms twice daily, Child 5 gms twice daily.
  Packing : 250g. 500g. 1kg.
    Aloevera Herbal Tooth Cleaner
  Along with the enormous values of Aloe Vera, the significances of Amruta and Ghokhru are also captured into this daily use tooth powder. Now you don't have to get away due to bad breath or feel ashamed with in your colleagues. White and sparking teeth will be your positives. Fresh breath for long hours will keep you more confident.
  • Keeps away dental diseases.
  • Makes gums healthy and prevents bleeding.
  • Checks tooth ache and Pyorrhoea.
  • Prevents cavities.
  • Polishes tooth enamel.
  • Removes bad breath.
  Usage : Clean your teeth after every meal.
  Packing :100g.
  Aloe Vera Blam is the mixture of Izment, Thymol and Menthol with Aloe Vera Gel. It is applied directly on the paining parts of the body or inhaled in case of cold.
  • Aloe Vera Blam is very effective for head and body Ache.
  • All type of muscular pains.
  • Very effective in sinus and common cold.
  • Massage on the head.
  • Massage on the painful part of the body.
  • In case of common cold apply it on the chest, neck and nose.
  • Inhale it in case of cold.
    Packing : 10g. 25g.
    After Shave Gel
  After Shave Gel is a gel for exclisive for men exclusive Peocack Blue and lxurious fragranses.
  • Anti Septic for cuts during Shave
  • Use after shave.
    Packing : 60g. 100g. 200g. 400g.
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