WELCOME TO Aloevera Herbal Concepts" is a set of completely chemical free herbal products from Nutan Ayurvedic Research Center All products are made from extracts of Aloevera
Skin Gel
• Hair Cleaner
• Hair Gel
• Hair Richner
• Chyavan Prash
• Tooth Cleaner
• Balm
After Shave Gel
• Skin Care Soap
• Nutan Prabhat
• Nasya Tailam
• Growtone Energy   Powder
• Rose Water
• Fairness Cream
• Cleansing Milk
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• Sandal Face Pack
• Sandal Cream
• Ojus Care
• Jagdishwar Vati
• Pan Care
• Health Drink
• Kamdev Cap
• Jivitprada Vati
• Vayu Care
• Vedantak Oil
Sanjeevani Liquid
• Aloe Power Juice
Noni Juice
Daya Care Cap.
Pilo Care Cap.
Joint Care Cap.
• Aller Care Cap.
• Skin Care Cap.
Tree Care Cap.
Hemo Care Cap.
Ashma Care Cap.
• Urjesh Care Cap.
• Stoma Care Cap.
Histo Care Cap.
Care Vati Cap.
Aloe Ext. Cap.
• Sheelajeet Ext. Cap.
• Vedanacare Cap.
Amor Cap.
Broncho Care Cap.
Indraluptahar Lep    Powder
Aloe Aqua Mineral
Skin care psorin    ointment
E-Razer (Masa    Remover Oint.)
  PRODUCTS - Aloevera Herbal Concept  
    Health Drink
  It is a retional fresh herbs extract combination of Mamejava,Neem chhal,Jaambu beej and Karela.it stimalates B-cell And activities pacrease for insuline secretion. It is highly effective in the managementof both non-insuline andinsuline dependent diabities melitus. It is the herble gift of the nature for all type ofdiabitiespatient.
  Dosage :-
  10ml. Moarning & evening with half cup of water. Or as directed by the physician
    Kamdev Capsule
  Increases immune system, helps in general debility, highly effective in case of impotency, muscle pain, loss of hair, sexual satisfaction.
  Dosage :-
  2 cap. Twice a day or as directed by the Physician.
  Packing :- 30/60 Caps.
    Jivit Prada Vati
  Equal combinbation of galo, gugal 4 sheelajeet has extraordinary result in preventing thyroids and UTI infections , it is also used in luechhoria and different types of gynec problem as well as obesity, throid and hair falls.
  Dosage :-
  2 tab. thrice daily
  Packing :-60/90 Tabs..
    Vayu Care Cap.
  It is useful in gastric and acidity problems. Helps in joint-pain, migraine, piles, general debility, B.P. headache, Chronic fever, Malaria. typhoid, coronary circulation, cardiac problem etc.
  Dosage :-
  2 Caps. twice a day with lukewarm water or as directed by the Physician.
  Packing :-60 Caps.
    Vedantak Oil
  Useful in all types of slip disk joint pain. It works as a catalyst along with vayucare and joint care cap. Gives relief from muscle pain migraine.
  Dosage :-
  Apply gently on Joint Pain.
  Packing :- 100 ml.


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