WELCOME TO Aloevera Herbal Concepts" is a set of completely chemical free herbal products from Nutan Ayurvedic Research Center All products are made from extracts of Aloevera
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“Ayurveda” is one of the oldest medical sciences related to the use of herbs proven superior to other ways of remedies. People from the ancient times use this science for all
types of treatment and routine use. Today millions of people all over the world believe in the usage of herbel (Ayurvedic products, as it has no side effects because of its organic
nature. In fact, people in developed countries prefer using herbal (organic) products.

About Aloe Vera
Aloevera (popularly known as Desert’s Rose), is a medicinal plant having infinite medicinal values, noted for its use long back in historic times for treatment of many diseases.
Due to its various uses, Aloevera is considered to be wonder to the mankind. Having its name in Sanskrit as “Ghrut Kumari”, Widely known as “Kumarika” in Hindi and “Kunwar Pathun” in Gujarati has found its use in many forms. From the recent research it has been found that it is beneficial in more then 70 types of diseases, which include Cancer, Diabetes, Aids, Jaundice, Leaver & Skin diseases and many more. Benefits of Aloevera in digestive system and blood purification is widely accepted. Its other uses include products made from its extracts in the from of the beauty aids, Painkiller agents, etc.

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